Absinthe Films: Microdose, Jamie Lynn EP:01

After 30 years snowboarding, Jamie Lynn remains one of the most popular riders to ever strap on a board. But what makes him so popular? Absinthe Films are here to explain with part one of the Jamie Lynn Microdose.

Burton & Shinola Limited Edition Jake Burton Gift Set

To celebrate Jake Burton’s legacy, Burton have just released this hyper limited edition gift set, featuring a replica of Jake’s first board, a coffee table book about Jake and a watch created by Shinola watches.

Splitboarding in the Scottish Highlands with Billy Morgan.

Have you ever been splitboarding in Scotland? Neither have we but here, Billy Morgan swaps Pyeongchang for Ben Nevis as he explores some of Scotland’s best mountains with his mate Scott Penman. Did we also mention he drives around in a taxi?

Steve Gruber for K2 Snowboards

Steve Gruber or The President as he is known to his friends, is one of the most respected riders in the biz. K2 are well aware of that and just released this edit of Gruber shredding around the Zillertal Valley.

Full Video: WOP, HIACE

HIACE just blew our minds, with Niels Schack, Sami Luhtanen, Sparrow Knox, Venla Mustonen and Rene Rinnekangas with some of the best street you will see this year.

Benny Milam’s LakeHouse

Ever been riding on a frozen lake? Benny Milam and his friends have, at -34c and surrounded by fisherman too. Check out the story and video of how these two worlds collided