2019 Hotzone Opening: Info

Betterpark Hintertux on Point.

In a few days snowboarders are kicking off the new winter season with the 15th Hotzone.tv Park Opening (October 3rd – 6th, 2019). Betterpark Hintertux is ready with a perfect setup for the traditional first Snowpark Opening. The snowboard industry will offer you the latest gear to test and snowboard pro’s as well as amateurs will join the Werni Stock Invitational on the big jump and the Metal Battle Night Rail Contest hosted by SANE!. The icing on the cake are the legendary Opening Parties, which will entertain party hungry people all weekend long. 

RIDER, BETTERPARK & CONTESTS – Betterpark Hintertux will be crowded all week long with riders from all over Europe. Local pro rider Werni Stock calls all Big Air riders to join the Werni Stock Invitational, taking place on Saturday. Pro riders as well as amateurs will try to convince on the big jump. On Saturday evening the jibbers will take over at the Metal Battle Night Rail Contest hosted by SANE! Snowboarding at the valley station of Hintertuxer Gletscher. The entrance is of course free of charge and spectators can expect a concentrated load of action from attending riders. Among the riders visiting Hintertux this week are Olympians Silvia Mittermüller (GER) and Seppe Smits (BEL), as well as Jesse Augustinus (NED), Simon Gruber (ITA), Joonas Eloranta (FIN), Ludvig Billtoft (NOR), Maxi Preissinger (GER), Benny Urban (GER), Zoltan de Strcula (SLO) and many more. 

SIDE EVENTS MOUNTAIN – Friday is ladies day with Tini Gruber hosting the „Girls Shred“ at Betterpark Hintertux. To get into the right mood she is offering a Yoga session with breathing meditation at 9h30 at Tuxer Fernerhaus. Find more information here: https://opening.hotzone.tv/news/article/girls-shred.html. On Sunday, the final day of the Opening, the youngest riders are the centre of attention. Marko Grilc and Ästhetiker veteran Steve Gruber, both very experienced pro riders, will take care of the kids during the Pleasure Kids Shoot and will coach them with useful tips and tricks. Register here:  https://opening.hotzone.tv/kids_shred_anmeldung.html. The adults are meeting again on Sunday for the SANE! Hangover Session, where riders can earn some pocket money for their most creative tricks. 

PARTIES – The party marathon is kicking off on Thursday with the Riders Party at Kleine Tenne in Tux. Traditionally the Video Night will be hosted on Friday at Tux Center followed by the „Vorglühparty“ at Kleine Tenne. After the Rail Contest on Saturday night the big Birthday Bash party is taking place at Hohenhaus Tenne Hintertux. 

Find details and updates for the Hotzone.tv Park Opening on http://opening.hotzone.tvhttps://www.facebook.com/HotzoneParkOpeningHintertux/ or Instagram @hotzoneopening, #hotzoneopening. Rooms can be booked here: www.tux.at.