16th Hotzone.tv Hintertux Opening 1st – 4th October 2020

Werni Stock flying into the abyss during The Werni Stock Invitational Contest, back again for 2020. Photo: MonEpic

October 1st – 4th, 2020, remember the date as after all the madness that has gone on this year, The 16th addition of the Hotzone.TV Park Hintertux Opening is the place where you can feel normal again and kick off the winter season.

The Betterpark park designers will yet again provide the perfect park, suitable for all riding abilities from amateur to pro. The crew of shapers will start constructing the park from early September, making sure it is in supreme condition for The Hotzone.tv Park Opening on the first October weekend.

Heaven is a place on Earth. Photo: MonEpic

Yet again Pro’s will travel to Hintertux from all over the World to take home the gold at the at the „Werni Stock Invitational“Big Air session. And after last years huge success the Metal Battle Night Rail Contest“ hosted by SANE! Snowboarding will see riders risk all as they hit the specially constructed jib set up, now in a new Valley location.

As ever there will be more off hill activities than ever before including skateboarding pumptracks, barbeques and as ever the legendary and hangover inducing parties throughout the weekend.

Leon Guetl at the Metal Battle. Photo: MonEpic

The Snowcard is available from October 1st onwards. The Hotzone.tv Park Opening in Hintertux offers the best and only start of the new winter season.

Mark the date in your calendar now and plan your trip to Hintertux (www.tux.at). Further details and updates for the Hotzone.tv Park Opening 2020:   http://opening.hotzone.tv 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HotzoneParkOpeningHintertux/