2014 Nike Snakes and Hammers, Montafon Edit.

Pyramid Magazine headed to glorious Silvretta Montafon for the 2014 edition of the Nike Snakes and Hammers.

This contest is so fun and easily one of the best to attend on the calendar.

Featuring : Clemens Schattschneider, Kevin Bäckström, David Dijte, Spencer O’Brien, Steve Gruber, Sebbe de Buck, Max Buri, Seppe Smits and more.

Filming/ Edit by Matt Mchattie.
Intro graphics: Becanti Wijnbergh


1st: Seppe Smits

2nd: Clemens Schattschneider

3rd: Kevin Bäckström

Best hammer Kevin Bäckström


1st: Spencer O’Brien

2nd: Nicola Thost

3rd: Mary Luggen