Blue Tomato Silent Interviews: Anna Gasser and Clemens Millauer

Who is The Better Snowboarder?Frage_20150606_anna_clemens01_bearbeitet

Which rider is the most popular with Hasi The Burton Snowboards TM?Frage_20150606_anna_clemens02_bearbeitet


How long have you known each other?Frage_20150606_anna_clemens03_bearbeitet

How many months a year do you spend together?Frage_20150606_anna_clemens04_bearbeitet

Do you ever get annoyed with each other?Frage_20150606_anna_clemens05_bearbeitet

Who is the biggest drama queen?Frage_20150606_anna_clemens06_bearbeitet

Who is the crazier?


What are your bigest sins?Frage_20150606_anna_clemens08_bearbeitet

What do you think about tattoos?Frage_20150606_anna_clemens09_bearbeitet

What parts of your body did you break?Frage_20150606_anna_clemens10_bearbeitet

We don’t often see you ride powder, how is your powder style?Frage_20150606_anna_clemens12_bearbeitet

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?Frage_20150606_anna_clemens13_bearbeitet

How annoyed do you get by double cork questions?Frage_20150606_anna_01_bearbeitet

How often do people ask you about that cork?Frage_20150606_anna_02bearbeitet

Let’s ask another then, show us your double cork faceFrage_20150606_anna_03_bearbeitet

What do you think about being voted Austria’s most beautiful athlete?Frage_20150606_anna_04_bearbeitee

What do you think about that Clemens?


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