Milk Teeth: Caroline Degardh

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Caroline Diehard Degardh


Years riding

You have been riding a lot in your home town of Stockholm, do you get much chance to ride parks or is it mostly street that you ride?
It’s been most street riding these last years. So I really wanna ride more park, that’s actually what I like the most.

If you could hit up any town to ride street where would you head to?
Helsinki for sure. Partyboating and shredding spots, the ultimate combo.

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You don’t seem afraid to go all in on a trick, what’s the worst bail you have had?
Now I’m gonna sound like a sissy because its so uncool, but I knocked my front tooth out a few years ago in an icy park. Then I dislocated my shoulder and fucked up my collarbone, when me and a friend collided into each other last year.

You’ve got a lot of head turning in the past few seasons, did you know that your edits would create such a hype?

I had no idea and it still amazes me. Especially all the Russian friend requests on facebook.

Which rider do you look up to?
Desiree Melancon. Shes inspired me a lot from when I started snowboarding, and still keeping it real!

What is your goal for snowboarding?
Have as much fun I possibly can, and to be sponsored by a snus company.

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Would you kick a kitten in the face for a chance to go full pro?
I hate cats, so yeah for sure!

Your life would be easier if what?
If I never had to brush my hair, cook a meal or tie and untie my snowboard boots.

What are your goals for this season?
Go bigger, pull a full length bungee by myself, and ride some powder.