Milk Teeth: Clemens Millauer

Escaping the sprays with a FS Nosebone Photo: Fischi

Escaping the sprays with a FS Nosebone
Photo: Fischi

Age: 20
Home mountain: Absolut Park
Sponsors: Burton, Analog, Anon, Blue Tomato, Absolut Park, Love

Austria has some great parks but also some good backcountry, how much time do you get to ride powder on an average season?
I try to get as many powder days as I can! But it’s pretty hard to do with the tight contest schedule.

Stubai has been on point this pre season, what makes that glacier so good?
Stubai is for sure the place to be in pre season. They have some of the best jumps I have ever ridden and they level of riding with all the international riders is insane.

Where is your favourite place to ride and why?
My favourite place to ride is Absolut Park because it’s one of the most creative parks I know and my whole crew rides there, which makes it so much fun. They also get a good amount of snow.

Smashing the hip on set of the Grillosodes. Photo: Janez Kocbek

Smashing Absolut Park on set of the Grillosodes.
Photo: Janez Kocbek

Why don’t you like being called a jibber?
I don’t like being called a jibber because I like jumps and powder the same! Roope started calling me jibber after I won against him in a game of snow haha

Which riders are in your crew?
My homeboys; Seppl Ramsbacher, Adrian Krainer, Marc Schumy and Jery Unterberger. But I also like to ride with my Burton teammates, Max Zebe, Marco Grilc, Roope Tonteri and of course Anna Gasser

Your girlfriend Anna Gasser just got the new iphone, is she concentrating on you less since she got it?
Hahaha yes she really is!! Damn this iphone 6s is killing me!

Clemens showing his versatility. Photo: Bernd Egger

Natural ginger in his natural habitat.
Photo: Bernd Egger


You are a natural ginger; do gingers get a hard time like in other European countries?
Haha of course there are ginger jokes as well in Austria. But there is also something that red hair snowboarders are good shredders.

Will you compete this season or focus on filming?
My main focus for this year going to be contests because I wanna give the Olympic qualifier a try next year and need some points for the Austrian team. But I hope to get to film a little bit too.

What happened at the Pleasure Jam when you smashed your face?
Yeah I had a pretty bad crash at the Pleasure Jam 2 years ago. It was flat light and I got lost in the air on a front double, caught my toe edge and went straight to my face. It looked pretty bad at the beginning because I broke some bones in my face and needed to get surgery right away not knowing how my right eye would react. Thank god I didn’t loose any sight and was back on my snowboard just 6 weeks later.

Clemens down under in Perisher Photo: Finnegan Laver

Clemens down under in Perisher
Photo: Finnegan Laver


Which tricks would you like to get on lock this year?
I would like to learn some new grabs like nose and tail maybe even japan on my 10s an and if I really try to do the competition thing I need to get my switch 12 on lock and maybe I even try a triple.

You, like most Austrians are a fan of alcohol. How many days per year are spent riding with a hangover?
Haha every Austrian enjoys a good beer! But the hangovers I save for the bad weather days!

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