Milk Teeth: Dylan Norder

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Dylan in the spotlight at the Stubai Opening. Photo: Sir Thomas Copsey

Age: 21
Sponsors: CAPiTA Snowboards, Union Bindings
Home town: NL, Heerlen Ghetto

You ride a lot of the indoor domes in NL, what is it you like about the fridges there?
The best thing about it is that you’re always able to ride it. The conditions are actually all the time the same and besides that we don’t have to deal with all the crazy weather forecasts that are never right.

Now you are spending a lot of your time in Austria, what brings you there and how do you find riding on a real mountain compared to the fridge?
Moving from The Netherlands to Austria is for sure the best decision I’ve made so far. Being around the mountains daily and cruising some different parks with my friends is great! The fridge compared to a mountain is so much different but in the end the mountain will win for sure. You can cruise way more together with other people and the vibe is pretty much awesome.

You had a job shaping at Kitzbühel, did you get to build any unique features?
The job there was great as it took me away from the flatlands for a while. But the down part was that they were never happy with building something ‘creative’. For sure not their fault as they had to deal with a zillion safety rules for all the tourists, but besides that it was a great time there.

Dylan Norder – Parklap Kitzbühel from Dylan Norder on Vimeo.

It seems a lot of Dutch kids are really good on rails but kickers aren’t their strong point. Is this true for you and if so why?
Um yep for me this is for sure true. Never really went to the dome to hit the kickers there,  I think I was never really interested in that. That’s why there are so few  indoor riders hitting the kickers because it’s way more fun to hit the rail next to it. There are for sure a couple guys from the dome that are killing it on the kickers, in and outdoor!

Would you rather go up and ride a bad weather day on a mountain or a perfect dome set up?
Hitting the dome fo shoooo!

Have you had the chance to ride much pow on your trips? Would you ride the park on a powder day?
Ughh pow days, never had that before. Hopefully this season I can struggle around in it. But in the end I would go for the park, yes yes!

What do you miss about The Netherlands when you are away?
For sure the fried snacks with mayonnaise on the first place! And doing wheelies on all our bikes with the whole Arabic crew, but next to that my cat Jippie is also pretty cool.

What is your goal in Snowboarding?
To keep me as far as possible away from reality and play in the snow every day.

SnowWorld Landgraaf from Dylan Norder on Vimeo.