Milk Teeth: Henna Ikola

Age: Sweet sixteen
Sponsors: Burton, Paromcamps, Sinne, Baja Clothing, Sveitsin hiihtokeskus
Home mountain: Sveitsin hiihtokeskus

You study at the Vuokatti Snowboarding high school, what is a typical day at the school and how much time do you get to go riding?
I wake up in the morning and eat a healthy breakfast, then I go to school. In school I study hard and after school I eat again and go shredding. After that I eat something, watch some videos, do my homework and after a good day I go to sleep.

I’ve heard a lot of Finns mention your name as one to look out for the future, do you feel any pressure because of that?
Haha nope 😀

What have you learnt from the older riders who have been looking out for you?

You also won the finnish champs for skating in 2012 and came second in the non juniors in 2013 and 2014. Are you concentrating more on skating or snowboarding at the moment, or both?
I’m concentrating more on snowboarding, because I had been riding snowboard half of my life so it’s my way of life. But skateboarding is nice in summer with friends!

Can you see yourself becoming a pro skater as well?
Of course it would be nice, but I don’t think I have chance.

You’re travelling a lot with the Finnish Junior snowboard team now, what events are you looking forward to?
Junior World championships and The World Rookie Tour.

Enni Rukajarvi won silver in Sochi, has that opened a lot of doors for women in Finnish snowboarding?
Of course! Enni is a good example for many girls and I think that girls will be more interested in snowboarding because of her.

What do you want to achieve with riding?
I wanna learn more tricks, travel around the world for competitions and film snowboarding!

Captured by Coach Koskinen.