Milk Teeth: Jessi Alfredo Blackwell



Age: 23
Home Resort: Geilo, Norway
Sponsors: Rough Snowboards, Ashbury, Bonus Gloves, The Los Angeles River, Adidas and Jahlife

You have a unique style, which riders do you look up to and are they responsible for your style?

Thank you so much. Well I grew up being a big fan of Chris Bradshaw and OG; Lucas Magoon. But it all happened when I went out to Big Bear for the first time shredding with the homie Erik Leon. He definitely inspired me to ride faster and in a different way.

You always ride in sweat pants, why is that?
Haha. I wouldn’t say always. I lost my snowboard pants this summer and then I found these sick adidas sweatpants at a thrift shop. And figured i’ll just rock these.

Most Norwegians are known for their technical kicker skills, have you ever wanted to follow in that path?
I used to be a slopestyle contest rider when I was younger and my good friend Øivind Fykse, Mikkel Fykse and Eirik Nesse started riding street rails.
So I tried that out and thought it was way fun. I always liked rails a lot so it was an easy choice, contest riding kinda took the fun and love out of snowboarding for me. So to finally do something like that was incredible.




Have you been traveling much this year?
Yes, I would say so. I went on a trip to ride a railjam in Italy, then I went from there with the Postland crew to Stubai, Austria and from there we went to Holland for two weeks. I did a railjam in Poland first weekend after I got home from that. Currently I am Japan with the Gremlinz crew and my good homie Yosuke. So I’m way hyped on this season, it’s been the most fun ever.

You just appeared in the Nescafé commercial, made by a common friend Mikkel Fykse, how did that come about?
Basically Mikkel gave me a call one day and said he was doing commercial for Nescafé and I was hyped to be involved and I said sure I’ll help out with it. He always had my back for years you know, plus it was a lot of fun, just a regular day of shredding and hanging out with the homie.


You’ve got new sponsors this year, how is that?
Word. I started riding for Ashbury Europe and Adidas UK. I couldn’t be more hyped, both brands are something I always wanted to rock.

What are your plans for the rest of winter and summer?
Work as park shaper, film street when I can and try to do Ashbury demo and bonussessions in April. Try to get work at Folgefonna, then work at Roskilde; a festival in Denmark. Then Holland I hope and then back to park shaping in Norway. Oh and I want to go to Bali with my girlfriend Kate and some homies if I can afford. It’s just way hard with money, as I don’t get paid by any sponsors really.

Who are you sending shoutouts too?
Much love to Øivind and Mikkel Fykse, Sindre and Marius, much love to my girlfriend, Jupiter People, Dank Donuts, every homie from Kirkerudbakken, the homies at the Seidel house.
Also, all the homies from Big Bear, The LA River Crew, Gremlinz Crew and Jahlife Crew. Basically all the people I got around me, I’m really grateful to have so many good friends and family.


You can follow jessi on his instagram here.
Index photo by Sharmila Banerjee.