Milk Teeth: Jonny Pickup

backgarden shenanigans

backgarden shenanigans

Jonny Pickup has amassed a lot of tricks for someone who has only been riding for 3 years. Johnny quicky established himsef into the UK scene with his tech rail skills and thirst for filming. Add his skills to his constant smile and stoke for life and you have an exciting prospect for the future, let’s get to know Mr. Pickup a little better.

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You are representing the UK but spend the majority of your seasons in the US, what is it you like so much about over there?
Riding in the States is cool because it truly has the best parks in the world, in Europe features tend to be a bit small and low to the ground, but in America everything is much bigger and so offers a lot more room for progression. You also tend to have a much longer run than you would in say Austria or France, more like a piste filled with features opposed to more compact park where you can only hit a few rails every lap.

Most of your edits are of you destroying the park; have you plans to hit up more street rails in the future?
Yeah for sure, that’s what I want to be doing in the future. With street it’s always hard to find the right crew, filmers and spots, something I have struggled with in the past, but last season I lived with some really motivated people who where down to go and film so I was riding a lot more street than normal. It offers a far more challenging angle on snowboarding, as it’s never easy to get your shots, and takes more creativity and commitment, but that’s exactly why I prefer it.

SW Back Blunt. Photo: Rory Gallagher

SW Back Blunt.
Photo: Rory Gallagher

What would your dream trip consist of?
Good crew, Good spots, Good beer

Did you get to ride powder this season or are you one of those people that are annoyed when it dumps as the park is destroyed?
ahah that’s a funny one, as if you would ask any of my friends they would definitely say that I’m pissed when it dumps because you can’t hit the park, but when there’s good snow and some steep lines going there’s nothing better than getting your face white. I did have a few sick powder days this year, but far more riding park in the sun.

What tricks do you want to get on lock for next season?
Triple cork

Will you be riding anywhere this summer??
For sure I would like to, but I have nothing planned yet, maybe a trip to France to ride Les deux Alpes or something like that would be dope.

Triple kink before the triple cork

Triple kink before the triple cork

What does life consist of when you are back in the UK off-season??
In the summers I spend my time surfing and skating as much as possible, and riding the domes when as I can, as well trying to save some dollar for the next winter.

Who are your favourite people to go riding with?
Last season I filmed a lot with Angus Leith, he’s always stoked to snowboard and it’s always a laugh, so definitely him. Always dope to ride with any of the Grindhouse boys as they all kill it, and the people that I have done seasons with in Austria and Canada as well.

Your edits got a lot of people talking. Have you any plans to film with a company next year are you going on a solo mission again?
Ideally I would like to go with a crew to film a proper street part, but I’m just down to snowboard, so however it plays out I’m stoked.