Milk Teeth: Marion Haerty

Age: 23
Home mountain: Grenoble
Sponsors: Rossignol, Rip Curl, Chamrousse,Vans, glisshop and Xsories

You can ride slopestyle, backcountry and street rails, what type of riding do you feel most at home on?
I don’t know, maybe slopestyle because it’s easier to have good conditions. It’s rare to get the possibility to ride street or to find a crew to build a kicker in the backcountry!

You are also a sponsored Wakeboarder, do you find it difficult to find time to snowboard and wakeboard? Is there one sport you prefer over the other?
Not really because when the snowboard season is over, the cables parks in France begin to open. If I would like to follow all of the wakeboard contests, it wouldn’t be possible because many of them are during the winter in Thailand, Australia etc. I like skateboarding as well, especially in the bowl!

France has some great summer riding spots, do you snowboard in summer or concentrate on wakeboarding?
During the summer I spend my time mostly on my wakeboard when I’m not in the school or with a job. I’ll ride something like one week in les 2alpes for a summer camp with Rip Curl!


Gap to wallride. Photo: Oreli.B

Gap to wallride.
Photo: Oreli.B

France has some of the best mountains in the World, yet we don’t seem to get too many pros from France, why do you think this is?
We have lot of good riders who freeride and ride the backcountry like Victor Daviet, The De Le Rue brothers and Arthur Longo!

Maybe not as many riders ride in slopestyle competitions because we are not a competitor generation or because the media in France concentrates mainly on football.

Are the French Ski Federation quite old fashioned with snowboarding? For example not having a French slopestyle team?
It’s a little bit complicated actually, we don’t have a lot of budget for snowboarding and we need to pay for a private coach. Some young people which are with the federation for a long time get some budget and a physical coach sometimes.I hope to see a change soon.

You unfortunately missed out on Sochi, was that a huge blow for you or just one event and no biggie?
I knew that will be difficult to get this goal, but it was a good experience to push my limits and to know my level! I can’t say that I was not disappointed, this event is super huge and important for the eyes of the world, but fortunately snowboarding is not just a story about the Olympics.

You rode FIS this year, are they fun events or does it feel like something you have to do to keep the sponsors happy?
I’m still happy to travel, to meet people and to discover other spots. I rode the world championship in Kreishberg, it was super interesting to see the others girls ride slopestyle and to ride this big slope style course! I would like to ride this more often!

Photo: Tijs Vervecken

Photo: Tijs Vervecken

A lot of French riders such as Anne-Flore Marxer and Margot Rozies end up on the Freeride World Tour, can you see yourself competing in that in the future?
Why not? I’m in love with riding powder but if I want to go into Freeride World Tour later I need to have more experience about mountain practice. Freeriding is much more dangerous compared to slopestyle, Mother Nature is harder with you.

Would you be more stoked on a big competition win or the ender part in a big movie production?
I would like both please haha.

What are your plans for next season? Will you compete again or focus more on filming and training?
I check the opportunities day by day, if tomorrow my friend calls me for a backountry session I will do that, If I have enough money to pay my coach I will get that, If I have lot of powder in street then I will also ride that.

What would make your life easier?
Life is good, what else could I need?

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Index Photo: Tijs Vervecken