Milk Teeth: Markus Olimstad


Sponsors: DC Norway
Age: 21
Home mountain: Hovden

You are pretty handy at skating, are you sponsored for that as well?

Thank you. I’m sponsored by a Norwegian deck brand named You Skateboards.

Did you ever have to decide if you would have to pick skating over snowboarding or did the choice come naturally?
I started skating first and then snowboarding later, I’ve never had to pick one sover the other and find it hard to decide which I like better. In the winter I like snowboarding more than skating and in the summer I like skateboarding more than snowboarding.

How did you end up being selected for the Norwegian team?
I’m not on the main team, I’m on the recruit team, but this year I’ve been traveling to Australia, Austria and now I’m in Breckenridge with them.

Rolling deep with team Norway. Photo: Process Films

Rolling deep with team Norway.
Photo: Process Films

Who do you like to shred with most of all and what have you learnt from them?
There’s a long list of people I like to ride with, but if I have to say one it must be Jørn Simen Aabøe. He taught me that there are a lot of tricks that you can do that I have never even thought about, he always inspires me with something.

What are your goals within snowboarding?
I’ve always wanted to make a video part that I can be pleased with, but nowadays that’s so tough it’s almost like trying to double cork no hander chads gap with a bike.

How are you adjusting to travelling so much and what do you miss most from home when you are away?
I miss my family and friends from home, It’s always good to come back home to family and friends after being away for a long time.

Do you find it hard to get deals as everyone is so good in Norway and the market is quite small?

Someone give Markus a proper deal! Photo: Process Films

Someone give Markus a proper deal!
Photo: Process Films


Have you any plans to film this year or are your goals contest based?
I will film when I have time, thats a part of snowboarding I really like. But the first priority this season will be contests.

Which snowboarders do you look up to and why?
I look up to a lot of snowboarders, I almost have a new favorite snowboarder each day, I look up to the snowboarders that inspire me.

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