Milk Teeth: Max de Vries

Age: 15
Sponsors: Burton, Dragon, Vans, La River, Gv consructions and most of all his parents.

You are the youngest from the Postland crew; do the others look after you or boss you around?
Well I’m the youngest of the crew that’s true. They always want to wrestle with me. They have to use all their strength, but in general they lose. So they don’t boss me around, because I’m a responsible guy.

Do you get a lot of older girls hitting on you when you are at the Postland premieres?
Yes sometimes they do, that’s logical because I’m a cool guy with a good haircut, (My mum is a hairdresser) but nothing has happened because I’m a responsible guy.

You are still at school, are you desperate to finish or will you keep studying?
I am doing my exams this year. The school let me do the exams in two years time. That gives me more time to shred and doing less homework. I don’t know yet what I do after the exams. I think I am going to be a millionaire hahaha

Pre rock a rail dome business. Photo: Hidde Hageman

Pre rock a rail dome business.
Photo: Hidde Hageman

When I first met you, you had really tight red pants, now you seem to have more of a usual look going on, what made you change?
Ah yes, the tight red pants, everybody remembers them haha. There is a  picture of my first Rock a rail wearing them. Recently I tried to put them on and I noticed that I’ve grown and they don’t fit me anymore. That was the red devil, now I’m the black beauty hahaha.

I heard you are really good at football too, any plans to become pro at that too?
No way, how can I when more I play football, the less I snowboard?!! When I was young some scouts were asking about me, my mind was made up; I want to be a snowboarder. I like football, I love snowboarding.

You recently came 2nd at the Rock A Rail; beating a lot of well-known pros. Did you expect that you could have done so well there?
No I didn’t expect that at all, my goal was to get in the finals. The level of the riders was off the charts. Gerben Verweij made a super setup, again, give that man a cigar! The energy of all the riders was out of this world. The crowd was fantastic, cheering me on. Kas was doing mad stuff like always. This all ignited me, I was really on fire, landing almost everything, flying to all the features.

Have you ever had a powder day? If so, was it something you enjoyed?
Yes, I have I was in Tignes with the Dragon Europe team. I loved it, it was really fun. I remember that it was really cold. I did ride with a hoodie haha

Gap to board at Rock A Rail Photo: Hidde Hageman

Gap to board at Rock A Rail
Photo: Hidde Hageman

What would your dream trip consist of and who would go?
That’s easy, my dream trip would be to go to America, I love to ride with Kas Lemmens. When we are together, we have the funniest times. I really hope that we never grow up. My first snowboarding experience was with Kas, at the indoor slope Montana. Too bad he stayed that ugly hahaha.

Which riders do you look up to and could you beat them in a rail jam?
There are several riders I do look up to. I really like to watch Forest Bailey. I think he is a sick rider he made the sickest video part this year!! I was so lucky to beat him at rock a rail.

What tricks do you want to get on lock this season?
I want to work at my doubles as much as possible this year and I want to step up the rail tricks. Less eating snow, that is my goal this year.

What is your goal for snowboarding?
My goal at snowboarding is always to have as much fun as I can, making lots of friends all over the world.

Bff with kas Lemmens. Photo: Richard de Vries

Bff with kas Lemmens.
Photo: Richard de Vries

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