Milk Teeth: Max Zebe

Photo: Dennis Piccolo

Photo: Dennis Piccolo

Age: 18
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Home Mountain: Seiser Alm / Italy

You are from Italy in the South Tirol but now live in Innsbruck; we don’t seem to see as many Italian pros these days, why do you think that is?
Puh, that’s a pretty hard question. I actually have no clue about that, Italy got a bunch of good snowboarders but yeah, they don’t really make it too far! I think the Italian snowboarders have to get out of Italy and shred around in Europe and get out of the Italian scene a bit more.

What mountains do you prefer to ride, back home in Italy or in the Austrian Alps?
If it comes to mountains I like the south Tyrolean Alps more cause its more good weather and a bit more warm 🙂

You attend the snowboard school in Innsbruck, are they okay with you riding rails or do they want to push you into FIS big air events?
Well of course they are really into contests and that stuff. So I try to manage out to do both and than they are pretty cool with it

Photo: jkmedia

Photo: jkmedia

To many people, snowboarding school sounds like a dream come true, what is an average day like at school like?
I have to say that its not a dream at all haha, it’s just cool in winter cause you have no school and can go snowboarding almost every day but in spring and summer it’s way tougher. I get up at 6.30, have school untill 1, then training till 5 and in the evening from 7 to 10 pm it’s school again.  That’s a really hard time but of course it’s the best chance to go snowboarding but also go to school.

You have won a load of contests recently, what is the key to your success?
Don’t care too much about it, just chill and try to have as much fun as you can.

You are known for your rail skills but have been riding a lot of kickers recently and got doubles pretty much straight away, what do you prefer to ride, rails or kickers?
I love to do both so I try to do everything. But of course I’m better at riding those railchachos 🙂

Photo: Dennis Piccolo

Photo: Dennis Piccolo

Away from rail contests you have had a few well-received parts, how much work goes into your parts and which part are you most stoked with?
Last year I filmed my first part and went in the streets, so that’s the only one yet and I’m happy with it, but I wanna try to step it up a bit 🙂

What is the gnarliest spot you hit this season?
A super weird wall ride line spot in Italy, it was not that gnarly but just super scary and sketchy

Who are you filming with this year and what can we expect to see from you?
I’m filming with Taco Trio, and yeah you guys will see what’s gonna come out hehe.

You travel a lot with Taco trip- what secrets can you share about them?
Actually we don’t have any secrets, we are just eating a lot of tacos ha-ha

What is your goal for snowboarding?
Having Fun

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Index photo: Jkmedia