Milk Teeth: Rene Rinnekangas

The first time my paths crossed with this miniature snowboarder was probably about 2007. I was running an event somewhere in Finland and Rene was a tiny little dude with the bib he was wearing was nearly dragging along the ground when he walked past, carrying his skateboard- sized snowboard. I thought it was kind of cute but then the kid strapped in and started riding and it blew my mind. He was hitting everything in his path with confidence and style way past his years, It was something special. I saw him ride quite often when he was a kid, but for few years now our paths haven’t crossed.. Now this little grommet is 14 and he’s dropping edits left and right with the 292 crew, hitting street rails, kickers and pipe like there’s no tomorrow. He recently won the Grom series at World Rookie Fest in Livigno and he was awarded the best rookie at World Junior Champs and landed overall fifth. Its pretty safe to say this kid is something to keep your eye out for.

Name: Rene Rinnekangas
Age: 14
Riding since: 2004

Home resort:
Little mound called Paloisvuori in Iisalmi, Finland. (Editors note: Its a fairly small town almost smack bang middle of Finland, so pretty much far away from everywhere except some good northern resorts, lakes, bears and forests.. )

Rails vs. Kickers:
That’s a tough one.. I like to ride everything, but most of the time its rails and kickers since there isn’t many pipes in Finland. I’ve been hitting rails and kickers for about ten years already. I totally didn’t answer your question haha.
(Editors Note: Kid has been riding since he was 4!)

Rene in the illusive Finnish pipe. Photo: Antti Koskinen

Rene in the illusive Finnish pipe.
Photo: Antti Koskinen

What gets you fired up about snowboarding?
Just the cliche: its just so much fun to ride and hang out with your friends.

Dream riding day?
Spring slush, warm, sunny and something fun to ride with your friends. The main thing is that everybody is stoked.

Future is bright for Rene. Photo: Gustav Ohlsson

Future is bright for Rene.
Photo: Gustav Ohlsson


Favorite trick?
Fs 3 with any grab, it just feels and looks the best…

Other interests?

Future Plans?
Ride as much as possible, film with friends, compete a bit and have as much fun as humanly possible. Of course I’m dreaming of becoming a pro one day and be able to make some sort of a living out of snowboarding. Sort of a dream job.

Thanks to?
Huge thanks goes to Ride Snowboards and Teemu Takamäki, Quiksilver and Ville Liikala, all my friends, my older brother Riko Rinnekangas and MUM AND DAD!

I can’t wait to see this kid ride live again and have a proper chat with him.. You should definitely remember this kid for a future record.. Another Finn kicking the door of Pro snowboarding…

Interview by Ilmo Niittymaki.


Rene flying high at the World Rookie Tour. Photo: Gustav Ohlsson

Rene flying high at the World Rookie Tour.
Photo: Gustav Ohlsson