Milk Teeth: Sparrow Knox

Sparrow on point at Rock A Rail. Photo: Hidde Hageman

Sparrow on point at Rock A Rail.
Photo: Hidde Hageman

Age: 20
Sponsors: Vans boots ,Vans Outerwear, Switchback Bindings, Lobster Snowboards, VonZipper Goggles, SnowZone.
Home mountain: I’ve always lived in London so it’s difficult to name a “home mountain” but Milton Keynes, SnowZone is about an hour and half from my house using: bus-tube-train-cab, which is chilling, I guess. There are snow centres closer to where I live, but the parks can’t even come close to the consistency of Milton Keynes.

You have more energy than anyone I have ever met, do you drink energy drinks or are you naturally energetic?
Never about the energy drink hype!!! You want a good buzz? Just munch a bunch of bananas and some peanuts. I’m not always really energetic it’s just whenever you see me, we’re in a dope ass town with snowboarding, skating and loads else to do. So if there is reason to be i’ll be hyped ! A skatepark, my eyes will glow causing stoke-o-meter in the high 9’s

You have loads of successful siblings, what makes the Knox family so good at what they do?
No rest for the wicked! Haha I guess just doing what you want to do will help with anything. We all started skating and snowboarding around the same time so we pushed each other to not be pussys throughout. Now I am the only brother who still snowboards which kinda sucks, gotta get on the skate hype with Tom!! Also, coming from a large family you almost always have someone to do activities with, so when we were growing up we would all do things together which makes anything more fun! Except jacking off, we do that separately. Haha


A lot of people were hyped on you at Rock a rail, did you expect to win crowd pleaser?
Did you mean to say a lot of people were high at Rock a rail?? Hehe. (Dead joke) I was so stoked to get a spot to ride, nah I didn’t expect to win jack shit. The event was so sick in my opinion and I’d love to go back again next year but for a longer stay. Cheers Thrashmore and Sam Nelson for letting me sleep on your floor and thanks to Creamers—- for killing it the entire time.

Did that contest open more opportunities for you?
I guess just riding with some European dudes is always sick, getting to meet new people, ride with new friends then get fucked up with fellow snowboarders is sick! Met some really sound people and had a right laugh all throughout the weekend. Opportunities may come from this event but as for now I am just the same ol’ Sparrow.

Not only can you ride well you are also a good skater, are you ever tempted to concentrate on that more?
Skateboarding in my opinion is about 300 times harder to get a peep into the scene. It’s actually fucked how difficult it is to be a noticed skater compared to a well known snowboarder. Real talk!!!

I’ve always wanted to skate bowl like a beast, then maybe in a decade or 2 start riding vert ramp, get an old pair of knee pads, learn how to catch some proper airtime! Ya get me, I am talking fat methods and all sorts.

Summer vibes Photo: Tom Drakee

Summer vibes
Photo: Tom Drakee

You have a unique dress sense on the mountain, who inspires you?
Niels Schack errrry day! Just wear what feels good to you, if what you’re wearing isn’t comfy, try riding in sweat pants..

What is the best trip you went on last season?
Whilst in Finland with Will Smith and Ollie Dutton, we had about a total of 8cm snow. Getting shots was really tricky, then it rained so we went home..:. But my homie Niels was like yoooo, come over to Sweden to shoot with Zebbe, Ludde and these guys! I booked a flight directly there and it was Bangin! Ludwig has the bauss set up, winch, lights etc etc, all the necessities to film a movie. We shot for 10 days for the “TacoTrip” movie, Buffet, if you haven’t seen it take a peep. Dennis put the movie together like a pro! Super sick crewdem to ride with.

How many flights have you missed in your lifetime?
Ahh sheeet, well the other month I missed my flight from RockaRail which sucked but all in all I only missed about 5.

What is your goal for snowboarding?
Have fun wherever and whenever possible even if you get snowed in or rained out. Let the people you meet along the way shape your life.

Learn quad corks!! (one footer) Snowboarding is like a bauss, all you gotta do is be on the base, then from there you can meet so many awesome people just through this one (Sport) haha.

Do you have any plans for when you quit riding?
Astronaut / Hacky-sack legend, either one. I think am destined to be great at something so no stress.

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Index photo: Ollie Dutton