Milk Teeth: Will Gilmore


It seems every country likes to big up their talented riders and often these claims of greatness can be taken with a pinch of salt. Will Gilmore shows promise of being the real deal, not only is he capable of riding at an amazing level on the rails at Milton Keynes, he is now a part of Team GB who are working on his kicker and pipe skills. At only 12 years old, Will shows potential to be one of the best riders the Uk has ever produced.

Age: 12
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Local Spot: Milton Keynes

You are a regular at Milton Keynes, what advantages and disadvantages does riding indoors have over a real mountains?
With riding indoors I get to ride great parks all year round and the snow conditions stay the same all the time. When I go to the mountains the problem is the snow changes so much with the weather, so that always takes some adjustment.

Mk is obviously best suited for rails, how much time do you get to ride kickers in an average winter?
I had about 8 weeks away in the mountains last year, but the weather meant I only got about half that time to rider the kickers, which sucked. I would like to ride them much more in the future.

You have ridden with some big names in the past, which riders do you look up to and why?
I have been really lucky to have ridden with some big names. I really like Scott Stevens’s style and he is very innovative. The most fun I had was riding laps in the domes with Brandon Cocard and Phil Jacques too. Also I was stoked to do a method with Gigi Rüf at the Spring Break.

Popping methods with Gigi at Snowboard Spring Break. Photo: Sam Oetiker

Popping methods with Gigi at Snowboard Spring Break.
Photo: Sam Oetiker

It’s a cliché but you are quiet and let your riding do the talking, do you feel like you can express yourself through your snowboarding?
Snowboarding has made me more confident, I talk more than I used to. I find it difficult to explain myself sometimes and snowboarding doesn’t need me to do that.

Outside of Snowboarding, what else do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy building stuff and I have a large Lego collection. Recently I helped my Dad build and race a soapbox car. Like my Dad I’m really into cars.

Recently you headed to Mt Hood, how was that for an experience and how does the riding compare there compared to Europe?
Yeah, I went to High Cascade snowboard camp in Mount Hood over the summer. It was cool because every one spoke English and the Americans are really friendly. The park was more rail focused than the ones in Europe, which suited me. It was good fun and I hope to go back again next year.

Do you find it hard to find other people your age on your level?
There aren’t many kids my age that ride at MK; I ride mostly with Jake Binnee. I’m lucky that I get to ride with some amazing riders like Ollie Dutton and sometimes Andy Nudds and Gareth Andrews when they are there. Everyone at MK is really friendly.

Throught the Kink at MK
Photo: James Streater @maverixsnow

Now you are apart of Team GB, does competing appeal to you or are you going to be more focused on filming?

I enjoy training with the Park and Pipe team, I enjoy doing some competitions, but I also enjoy filming, so I’ll do both for now.

Do you already have a goal in snowboarding or just enjoying how it is going?
I’d really like to be a pro snowboarder, but I’m not sure which kind yet.

Which other riders can we expect big things from in the future?
I think Finn Bremner is an awesome rider and I’m stoked he’s in the main GB team now. I think he’ll do really well in the future.

You can keep up to date with Will by following his blog here and his Instagram here.
Index Photo: James Streater @maverixsnow

Thanks to Jane Gilmore and Sam Nelson for their help in making this interview possible.