Red Bull’s Double Pipe Winning Runs

Red Bull have always backed legit projects and their double pipe in Aspen Colorado was no different.

With a wealth of talent heading over to hit the double transition pipe, it was guanranteed to be a good contest. Tayor Gold must have found a lucky leprechaun as he grabbed first and also first at the US Open. It’s good to see more people building creative pipes.

Here is his winning run below.

1. Taylor Gold 95.6
2. Chase Josey 91.4
3. Arthur Longo 88.6
4. Greg Bretz 85.6
5. Gabe Ferguson 84.0
6. Benji Farrow 79.8
7. Christian Haller 58.6
8. Scotty Lago 24.8

Riders Choice Award – Chase Josey

Best Style Award – Markus Keller

Best Trick – Gabe Ferguson, Backside Three Over Spine