The Best Tricks Of 2016/17

As each year passes more rotations and corks are added to contest tricks. Whilst that’s all well and good for winning medals, for actual style it’s widely agreed upon that a slow rotation rules supreme. This season we saw riders throw their own dashes of creativity into tricks more than ever before and these are the top 5 that stood out for us.

Halldor Helgason
Halldor Helgason simply gets better with age and this was easily the most shared video of the event.


Scotty James
Scotty James is best known for his pipe skills and this seasons was the best of his career so far. Here Scotty shows that his tricks aren’t limited to the confines of the pipe walls


Fridtjof Tischendorf
You might not have heard of Fridtjof yet but that is likely to change as this young Norwegian has a thirst for throwing never been done before tricks.


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Werni Stock
Werni Stock is a king when it comes to style and this 5 is a true testament to that.



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Marcus Kleveland
Kleveland could have had 5 tricks to himself in this post but this rewind from The Air and Style Beijing is our personal favourite. Todd Richards dubbed this the most technical trick ever performed on a snowboard.