The Coronavirus Interviews #01 Roland Morley Brown

Roli before self isolation. Photo: Matt McHattie

Queenstown, New Zealand

Currently stranded? If so where?
Mayrhofen, Austria

2020 home Resort:
Mayrhofen, Austria

Where would you be riding right now if it wasn’t for corona?
I had a filming trip planned to the Lyngen Alps in Norway. It was cancelled last week.

If corona was a snowboard trick what would it be? 
A Zeach

Roland avoiding Zeaches at all costs. Photo Matt McHattie.

How do you sit home alone for a long time? What do you do?
Funnily enough I’m quite content sitting around home, watching heaps of YouTube, Netflix, cooking etc., We’re only 4 days in though so it could be a whole other story by next week.

If you could create an anti-corona beer what would it be called?

You’re only allowed to hang out in crews of 5 or less at the minute, who’s in the quarantine squad and why? 
Well, we’re pretty much confined to our households so we don’t really have a choice haha, but luckily I live with a bunch of good, fun, really kind people so we’re doing just fine. 

Self isolation isn’t so bad. Photo : Maria Kuzma.

Everyone is experiencing their season being cut premature this year. Have you ever bowed out of a season early and why? 
No, not that I can remember. Yeah it really sucks this season has been cut short, I still had so many plans and trips coming up that I was so excited for. But I guess it is the same for pretty much everyone, I just really hope it doesn’t impact the industry to the point where brands can’t bounce back from this. That would be a real shame.

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All photos by Matt McHattie

Interview by Caitlin Murray