The Calm before the storm. Stale in Folgefonna. Photo; Dasha Nosova

Oslo, Norway

Currently stranded?
I’m up north in Norway in Tromsø. Got here before the Corona storm hit as hardest. 

Where would you be riding right now if it wasn’t for Corona?
I was suppose to be here until saturday and then go to Mammoth for an Oakley week.

If corona was a snowboard trick what would it be?
Hmm.. i’m thinking somewhere around a sw bs quad beefcurtains type of trick. 

How Stale usually entertains himself when he is bored.
Photo: Dasha Nosova

How do you sit home alone for a long time? What do you do? I’m actually on a house with a crew of 7 people. So we have been keeping busy with different stuff. But for sure I hit Netflix hard recently.

If you could create an anti-corona beer what would it be called?
Killa’ Rona Extra.

You’re only allowed to hang out in crews of 5 or less at the moment, who’s in the quarantine squad and why?
Marvin Gaye playing music while I slow dance with Margot Robbie & Angelina Jolie, with Jamie Oliver making us some dank food and a cool ass monkey juggling or something.

Everyone is experiencing their season being cut premature this year. Have you ever bowed out of a season early and why?
No man this is crazy! Hopefully this shit slows down or we are able to fully stop it soon, so we can get back at it doing stunts in the mtn. But if not, maybe our bodies has good of some rest to heal up and come back stronger for next season 🙂 

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All photos by Dasha Nosova

Interview by Caitlin Murray