Werni Stock on home turf in Hintertux and hopefully there again soon. Photo: Domi Trauber


Currently stranded? If so where?

2020 home Resort:

Where would you be riding right now if it wasn’t for corona?
It kind of depends on snow, I guess I would try to shoot some Backcountry at home or in Canada. But in these times I really just wish to be back shredding. No matter where or in what kind of snow.

If corona was a snowboard trick what would it be? 
An ugly one for sure. There are none of these though. It’s just a matter of your style.

We are all keen to self isolate like this in a few weeks time. Photo: Lisa Stock

How do you sit home alone for a long time? What do you do?
It’s pretty much chilling every day. But I’m super lucky to have my lifetime partner Lisa by my side. We clean or place, do garden work, paint, play old school Super Nintendo, eat, sleep and repeat. Hehe

If you could create an anti-corona beer what would it be called? 

You’re only allowed to hang out in crews of 5 or less at the minute, who’s in the quarantine squad and why? 
It’s definitely Lisa my wife and then comes some friends. Hard to call them out though. Maybe Tom Klocker & Anna so kind of double dating hehehe

The season was cut short on Penken this year but no doubt Werni will be back there throwing methods next winter. Photo: Tom Klocker

Everyone is experiencing their season being cut premature this year. Have you ever bowed out of a season early and why
I’ve bowed out many seasons that early, usually always because of injuries though. This feels so weird now, but I’m sitting home healthy and I’m not allowed to shred, run, bike etc, it’s such a surreal moment and experience.
But I’m always thinking positive, I still hope and believe in shredding in May and June with some high alpine splitboard tours and Park shred days, Hintertux is calling guys.

Stay healthy and positive guys, out future will be bright and it’s coming soon!

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Interview by Caitlin Murray

Index Photo Lisa Stock.