Milk Teeth: Jesse James Parkinson Interview

Jesse at the World Rookie Tour.
Photo: Mikey Williams

Age: 13
Hometown: Yaroomba Queensland Australia (It never snows at my home… EVER!)
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Oakley, GoPro, Rhythm, Skullcandy 

You spend a lot of time riding pow in Japan, how many days each season do you ride there on average?
On average between 6-8 weeks per season.

It’s rarer to see riders your age ride pow, why do you think that is?
I think a lot of kids my age just want to ride park all the time, while there’s nothing wrong with that, to me there’s nothing more fun and exciting than hitting pillows through the trees in deep powder.

Jesse doing what we wish we were all doing right now.
Photo: Samuel T Griffiths


If you had the choice between riding bottomless pow or a perfect park, what would you choose?
Oh… That’s a tough one. I really dig both. I can’t choose because one compliments the other, I love riding a fresh park and trying new tricks and I think my time in Japan riding pow keeps me keen.

You spend a lot of time surfing, how do you find surfing compared to snowboarding?
I’ve surfed all my life and I love it. In some ways it’s very similar to snowboarding with heel and toe etc. I think snowboarding (riding big jumps in park) is potentially more dangerous but I do think surfing is harder to master. Being in tune with the ocean takes many many years.

Do you prefer one sport to the other or like both as equal?
I love both of them but I prefer snowboarding.

Jesse switching pow for surf.
Photo: Chris Peel Photo


What would you say is your greatest achievement on a snowboard so far and what is your ultimate goal for the future?
My greatest achievement on a snowboard so far is winning two Australian Slopestyle titles and getting double corks on big jumps. My ultimate goal for the future is to keep having fun, I’d really like to film a sick BC clip in Japan and if I’m good enough represent Australia on the world stage.

Which riders do you admire and why?
Mark McMorris – He is the ultimate competitor and a nice guy

Scotty James – Not only is he a great snowboarder, but he is super funny and always approachable and he’s Australian.

 Travis Rice – Beast of the backcountry.

You’ve spent some time in Europe, what is the best spot you have ridden at in Europe?
Saas-Fee, I really like the little village they have there, and the stomping grounds park that they have there that Charles Beckinsale builds is so good.

How do you combine riding with school? Does school ever get in the way?
I still go to school and they are super supportive. When I’m away from school I take my work with me and Skype my teachers once a week. I’m still getting A’s so that keeps mum and dad happy.

How does the Australian snowboard scene compare to the European scene?
I’m not sure, I really can’t wait to spend more time in Europe and find out. 

You can follow jesse on his Instagram here.