Milk Teeth: Lucas Baume Aka Yung Doli

Yung Doli popping over rainbows.
Photo: Philipp Ruggli


Name: Lucas Baume/ Yung Doli
Age: 22
Home Mountain: Laax
Sponsors: Vans / Nitro / Shred / Howl / Nixon / Stance / Doodah / Lowkey

Everytime we have been to Laax, we spot a young rider often dressed head to toe in white, sporting baggy pants and often a beanie on a cap with a bandanna underneath. His fashion sense isn’t what keeps us watching though, it’s his slick tricks, executed with one of the cleanest styles on the hill, and if you have been to Laax before you will know that the standard is high. After impressing us for a few years and amassing a strong following on Instagram, we thought it was a good time to introduce the man himself; Lucas Baume or as he is known to his peers Yung Doli.

Firstly where did you grow up and when was your first time riding?
So I grew up in la Vallée de Joux, it’s like an hour away from Lausanne (Switzerland), but it’s a bit of a shit hole! Hahaha! We have some small lifts, so I started skiing and then when I was 9 I started boarding!

Where did the nickname Yung Doli come from and what does it mean? Shall we call you Lucas or Yung from now on?
Ahhh long story!
Hahah, so we where playing Beer Pong at our apartment in Laax to get juiced up before the Paartey, we had to move some camera gear and my friends had the small rail to put your camera on to slide it. I asked them what it was called and he told me, it’s a Doli! So I couldn’t stop laughing! Hahah! And I started saying doli all the time for everything and then once Dom Dom started calling me Yungdoli and then more and more people started. After that I changed my instagram name and now it’s on! Hahah!

You can call me whatever you want! Don’t really care 🙂

You dress sense is a throwback to the older days of snowboarding, what do you consider to be the golden age of snowboarding?
Duuude I saw an old MTV Contest from like 15 years back, that JP Walker posted on his Vimeo and it’s just insaaane! It’s seems like it was the best thing ever! Just nobody gave a shit, you had the best speakers ever and the top model with the big tits at the bottom of the run and everybody just fuckin ripped! Watch that here.

I quit the whole competition thing two seasons ago because it just wasn’t fun anymore. I spent more than 10 years doing contests all year long, at first it was so fun because we were all so stoked about snowboarding and we had such a good vibe going on, but then as the tricks got crazier and crazier you had to take it very seriously and spin more and more and try not to kill yourself…

Than more people started quitting, like my best buddies Max Buri and Leoandro Eigensatz. So I wasn’t really feelin it anymore, because at the end of the day you are just trying to add more spins to your backside and frontside and you just trying to be better than your friends. For me that’s definitely not what  snowboarding is about.

I remember shitting on all the Alpine Skiers because it seems so boring and not funny at all and one day I realized that we were doing exactly the same thing. So I was fuck, I have to quit this.



You have been travelling more in the past few seasons, what is your favourite spot so far and where do you want to go next?
Oh man, so blessed that I had the chance to travel this much over the past years 🙂 We went to Cali last spring with Max and Leo and we had seriously the best time ever! I definitely want to go back to the states next winter, but as long as you are with the homies it’s gonna be a fuckin good time anyway! So doesn’t really matter where we going next season!!!

We always see that you spend a lot of your time in Laax, does that feel like home to you and what does Laax have that other resorts don’t?
Oh yes it feels like home 🙂 It’s crazy I remember going to Laax for the first time like 10 years ago and it was like the best ski resort you could go to in Switzerland and I was so impressed by it! And now I can just go up alone and I will find every homies up there, it’s like the local Skate park! Same for the parties too! Hahah. It has a big family lifestyle and you are just not gonna find a better Snowpark, that’s perfectly Shaped every day, with filmers and photographers that are down to shoot with you! You have about 3 massive parties a week and all the homies are there too!


Avoiding that ski racer lifestyle at all costs.
Photo: Philipp Ruggli


A lot of riders don’t party as much as they did in the past, what are your thoughts on that?
I know, I know! It’s sad 🙁 hahah! But as I told you before, Snowboarding is such at a high level right know, that if you go party every day, you will die for sure doing that quad salto! And that’s also a big reason why I quit the contests, because I just love to party and my coaches weren’t stoked about it hahah,

You have a really relaxed riding style, is that something that came naturally or is it something you worked on?
Thanks man 🙂 Now that I don’t have to spin for my life anymore, I can really do my own thing, and I’m just so stoked about Snowboarding again! I really love skating and I think that we should ride our snowboards a bit more like our skateboards!
It’s just the way that I like to ride; I’m such a big fan of the Style gods like Mikkel Bang and Chris Bradshaw! And I’m just doing it for myself and the tricks that I think are sick! Because everybody is just so fuckin good these days and I will never be able to do the tricks they do, so I’m just whatever, let’s enjoy snowboarding 🙂



Vans have got their first full-length snowboard movie out this year called “Landline”, did you get to film a lot for that and can we expect a full part from you?
Ohmagad! Can’t wait to see that movie! It’s going to be epic! Hahah, no man! Only the best in this video! I didn’t have the chance to film for it!

What are your plans for this coming season?
Daaamn, I don’t know! Don’t have a lot of money… But we will see, I would be super stoked to film some more powww with the Homies Buri and Leo! We started our own little thing called FTS (FuckThisShit) and we have a pretty cool video from Cali coming out very soon! Watch out for this one!
Super down to film a full though, but I don’t think that I will have the opportunity! Whatever just gonna do my own thing and try to film as much as possible with whoever is down 🙂 But I probably gonna rent a place in Laax because it’s the best!

And finally how much money did you spend in the Indy bar at Laax last season?
We probably shouldn’t be talking about that!
Cheers on those Gin and Gina!
Yung D

You can follow Yung Doli on his Instagram here.

Index Photo: James North for Vans

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