Real Talk: Marcus Kleveland Interview.

Marcus Kleveland back rodeo at Stryn Photo: Frode Sandbech/Red Bull Content Pool

There aren’t many riders that can both excite the mainstream public and the industry heads like Marcus Kleveland can. His videos on Instagram are shared extensively from both the respected media and kooky instagram pages alike and the result is that Marcus has quickly become one of the most recognisable snowboarders of his generation. Kleveland isn’t just an internet superstar, which he has proved with his 3 X-Games Gold medals, The 2017 X Games Aspen 2017 Slopestyle being his most prized medal. But how did this shy, junk food loving youngster come from a small village in Norway and get so damn good at snowboarding? What is it about him that is able to do tricks that no one else can try or even attempt to try? Marcus by his very nature is a man of few words but we reached out to find out what he is up to this season, what tricks he has planned, if he gets as many girls slide into his dms as we have heard and much more. Here is the exclusive Marcus Kleveland interview.

You started riding at 3 years old, which is earlier than most, have you been riding consistently since then or did you take a break in-between?
I’ve switched a bit between skiing and boarding! I still ski when I can back home haha! Always nice to do something else when you want a break.

You developed your riding in home village of Dombas, how is it to snowboard there? Can you just build whatever you want?
Dombås is the sickest place! I’ve basically learned all of my tricks there, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity that I have at home. And yeah, we can build whatever we want up there 😉


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Dombas is quite cut off from the rest of snowboarding, in a similar way to the Helgasons were in Iceland at first. One would think that wouldn’t help your riding to be isolated but looking at all of your riding level, it clearly works to ride in remote places, why do you think that is?
True true! I love riding at home either alone or with my friends! The resort/ town is small, and that means no lift lines! I feel like I get so much out of the days even if the weather is crappy! I don’t have any problem with sending it even though there’s nobody around 🙂

You did the first quad cork in competition; I spoke to Billy Morgan after his first quad cork and he said he would never do one again after landing his. Do you like to do them or do you hate doing them as much as Billy?
I don’t have a problem with doing them, I love the adrenaline kick that it gives me. I actually did my first bs 1800 again yesterday after my injury back in 2018. Body is feeling 100% again!

You have your own outerwear collection with Electric and Volcom, that’s a pretty big honour, how stoked were you to get that offered to you and how much involvement did you have with the process?
First of all I gotta say thank you to Volcom and Electric for giving me this opportunity! Really happy to have a collection like that! And it’s awesome to receive messages about how much people like the outerwear / goggles. I told them what I wanted for colors, graphics, looks and they sketched up. Happy about how it turned out 🙂

Marcus Kleveland signature collection from Volcom

Do you think product design could be something you would like to make as a job when you have finished with competitive snowboarding?
I don’t know what life is gonna be after I’m done! I love making beats, so maybe that’s an option haha! 😉

You go viral on Instagram a lot, what do you think it is about your riding that is so popular?
I dont know! But I think a lot of people can relate to knuckle tricks, and would wanna try it. Knuckles are fun and not scary. Gotta keep it fun and crazy 😉

Marcus keeping it cool with this timeless method. Photo: Frode Sandbech, Red Bull Content Pool

Does being big on instagram mean a lot of girls slide into your dm’s?
Yes 😉 But I have a gf so we’re all good 🙂

This year is a bit messed up with corona, travelling and contests, what will you do if all contests are off, do you have a filming project to do instead?
Yeah, the Covid is messing it up for sure… We don’t really know what’s gonna happen. I don’t have any projects planned yet, just gotta go week by week and figure out what to do. Hopefully contests go as planned.

Would you trade your 2017 X Games Gold Medal for an Olympic Gold medal in 2022?
Nope! 2017 was a special year for me. That was the first year I started putting runs together, and making my way up to the top. Going in to Xgames that year with no expectations, and then to leave with two medals still feels surreal!

2017 X Games Gold winning run
Wanna spin 1800’s just like Marcus? Talent & training only gets you so far, or to about 900’s. Anything beyond that is fueled by beer and beef. Sorry vegans

How many tricks have you landed that you think that no one has ever done before?
I have no clue haha! All I can think of is some of my knuckle tricks 🙂 cab 270 nose butter double cork 1080 out 🙂

Do you have a list of tricks to land each season or do you make them up on the spot?
I don’t have a list written down, but I know what I have to work on to make them happen 🙂

Marcus thinking about those FS’ 5’s Photo: Frode Sandbech/Red Bull Content Pool

Obviously, you are known for some real technical tricks, are there any basic tricks you can’t do, such a method or tail block? What is the most basic trick you cannot do?
Haha! Worst trick that I know is a fs 540! I don’t understand how to make that one look good! I feel like such a kook every time I try hahaha…

How would you like your life to look like in 5 years time?
I would wanna be all done with my house! Hopefully still be able to compete and do well. Just wish to be injury free (knock on wood ) Maybe I’ll get my license to drive a Snowcat too? Would be soooo dope to build your own stuff.

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