Real Talk: Red Gerard Interview.

17 year old, Red Gerard has had a whirlwind of a time since the Olympics, where he beat the bookies favourites to bring home the gold. This win, made him a household name but he has been on snowboarder’s radars for years due to his impressive edits and chilled persona. Red is one of the best figureheads we could have for riding. He has his own park in his back garden, doesn’t take the Olympics too seriously and has his parents downing beers at events. Most of all though, Red is a guy that simply loves to snowboard and it’s great to see him come out on top. Here is his first Real Talk interview.


You’ve had a pretty busy time since Pyeongchang, how have you been adjusting to the mainstream fame that you have now?
It’s been a crazy one for sure, just with the amount of people wanting to have photos with me all of a sudden. For the most part though, I’ve been snowboarding with my bros.

What has been the craziest thing to happen to you since winning gold?
I have had some great opportunities. I met the guys from Shark Tank, which was really cool. Taylor Made fitted me for golf clubs, The Jimmy Kimmel show, it’s hard to pick just one. 



There was a lot of press about your family shotgunning beers; do they travel with you to most contests and how long was the party after your win?
They don’t travel with me to many contests. My brother usually does and they attend the bigger events. The party after was in the media room but we had 2 days in Seoul where we really fired shit up, really the party hasn’t ended haha.

A lot of pro riders were pleased that you took home the gold, what do you think it is it about your riding that stokes them out?
I hope that it’s my style or something but I think they would rather see an actual snowboarder win, rather than someone like Max Parrot.


Red not Max as Aspen X Games.
Photo: Gabe Heureux

Sage Kotsenberg quit contests after his gold to concentrate on backcountry and filming, will you do the same or will you still compete?
I enjoy doing contests and I’m looking forward to doing them again. I’ll definitely do some filming but I like contests and the places they bring me to so I’ll continue to ride them.

Does winning a gold medal give you free reign to do what you want now or do you still have commitments to make?
I have been really busy since Pyeongchang, if anything I have even more commitments than before the Olympics.


Red sliding high at the US Open.
Photo: Gabe Heureux

What are your plans for next winter?
I don’t know yet, Dew Tour, X Games, definitely The US Open and in the mean time film a lot.

Where do you keep your gold medal?
In my backpack in my room, next to my passport. Please don’t come and steal my passport now.

Coming from someone that rides all events, do you think snowboarding now puts too much emphasis on the Olympics?
Oh yeah 100%, just going there and all the bullshit that goes down there. I didn’t really know anything about the Olympics and just saw it as another contest. It was only afterwards that I realised what a big deal it was. I don’t really get why it’s so big but I’m chill because it’s brought me so many opportunities. Currently I’m in Europe and a part of the reason is from that. I’m happy it’s only every 4 years though.


Lets get Gerarded.

A lot of riders now practise using airbags, do you ride airbags and what do you think of this as a way to learn tricks?

They started making those airbags that are a jump landing and they are pretty cool. I’m not sure how it what direction it will take snowboarding but it’s interesting for sure. I’m don’t know if I am really into them, but for sure there are kids somewhere doing triple flips and stuff into those bags.

Have you picked up your burritos from Chipotle yet?
Chipotle is a hero, I have free food there for a year and I can bring as many people as I want. Fuck the bars, we are going to Chipotle!

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Thanks to Frankie Chapin for helping with this interview.