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Grilosodes: EP06 Austrian Backcountry Kickers

In this episode of the Grilosodes, Grilo heads to the Austrian backcountry with Werni Stock, Seppe Smits and Mitja Kodric. Austria has been getting good snow this season and this team take full advantage.

Season Edit: Fabian Fraidl 2014

Austrian, Fabian Fraidl sent over his rap heavy season edit from 2014. Not only is majority of his part is filmed in the streets but he also has some unique tricks in his arsenal that set him apart.

Trammer, Kasper, Oka, Mayrhofen Park Laps

Japanese riders Kai Kasper and Keijiro Oka are travelling through Europe and taking in the parks of wherever they head. Last week the duo caught up with Begium’s Kevin Trammer. Watch as this new friendship developed in Mayrhofen’s Penken Park.

Excessive Iphone Slow-Mo Of The Week: Kevin Trammer

Kevin Trammer is one of those riders who will lap the park all day. Never without a smile and always blowing minds, Kevin easily has the skills to take his riding places but is just too busy enjoying himself. Check out this back 270 hardway to switch, captured in Mayrhofen, Austria.

Full Part: Mary Luggen

Mary Luggen broke her back a few years ago but judging by her full season edit she has made a massive recovery. Check out this legit street part from the young Austrian.

Burton Presents: Women’s Team

Burton Snowboards have impressed us this year with their Presents edits and already we are at the last one of the series with the Women. This October, Enni Rukajarvi, Cilka Sadar, Kimmy Fasani and Kelly Clark, headed to Europe to savour the delights of Austria. From there, we follow the girls as they talk about the individual trips they will face later on in the season, from backcountry to pipe and everything inbetween.