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Full Movie: Jed Anderson, Crazy Loco

Last season, Salomon provided Jed Anderson a filmer and was granted free reign to create whatever he wanted. As you can expect, Crazy Loco has some crazy street riding and also gives an interesting glimpse into a typical year for Jed. Salomon originally released Crazy Loco in September, with a limited edition booklet full of Jed’s photos. It’s available at your local shop and we highly recommend you try and pick one up.

Full Part: Simon Chamberlain, On Our Grind

It’s safe to say that Simon Chamberlain was one of the main riders pushing rail riding in the early 2000’s with his stand out video parts. Since then Simon has been producing heaps of webisodes and in this edit Simon together with his brother André hit up Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. As you can expect the riding is next level.