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Full Part: Johan Rosenberg, Wasted Youth

Johan Rosenberg is from Sweden but spends his winters tearing up the Canadian backcountry. With huge pillows, big cliffs and kickers, Johan delivers in this enjoyable full part.

Milk Teeth: Mikey Ciccarelli

Canada has got some incredibly talented riders and one of the riders favourites is Mikey Ciccarelli. In his first Pyramid Mag appearance we chatted to Mikey about; bursting open his kidney, winning the youth Olympics, if there is Canadian rivalry and much more.

3 Days In Whistler With Japan’s DMK

DMK is one of the biggest snowboarding websites in Japan and they took 4 of their MVP’s to Whistler. Watch some textbook Japanese style as Hajime Jimmy Takemura, Kazuki Nakamura, Keijiro Oka and Miyazawa Yutaro throw down in the slush.

#TBT Devun Walsh, Shorty’s Movie

Shorty’s used to make snowboards back in the day and quickly assembled an incredible team. One of the standout riders was the legendary Devun Walsh, check out Devun rip in his pre Forum days.

#TBT: Forum Snowboards True Life, Chris Dufficy

Forum’s second full team release True Life was groundbreaking when it came out in 2002. Chris Dufficy had this incredible and now iconic opener part and this must be one of the most loved sections of all time.

Jed Sky’s Canadian Summer

As the title suggests, Jed Sky went to Canada this summer, what it doesn’t say is how he took the park to pieces. Watch Jed start his summer off with a bang.

Bacon Dinners For Sinners: Johan Rosen

Sweden’s Johan Rosen loves bacon so much he decided to name his season edit after the delicious pork snack. When he isn’t eating, Johan is tearing up the streets and backcountry of Revelstoke BC. This is one of the better season edits of 2015.

Spring laps with Darcy Sharp

Whistler is now closed for the season and one rider making the most of the final day was Darcy Sharp. Watch as Darcy’s throws down in the slush.

Arbor Snowboards Welcomes Marie-France Roy

Arbor Snowboards keep signing elite riders to their already impressive team and this week they put on Canadian badass, Marie France Roy. Check out this welcome video of MFR in action.

Vans Snow: Welcoming The New

It’s increasingly looking like Vans are coming back to snow even stronger than where they left off. In this welcome edit, they introduce some new team members who hit up the streets of Eastern Canada. Dillon Ojo, Dan Liedahl, Sam Taxwood and Mike Ravelson.