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Full Part Elias Elhardt, Follow Your Nose

Elias Elhardt struck gold after he decided to hit the inner ciry kicker contests on the head. Now he spends his time annihilating backcountry lines across the globe, he also has one of the sickest FS1’s in the game.

Full Part: Victor Daviet 2014

France’s up and comer Victor Daviet has just released his season edit from 2014. Not one to shy away from gnarly lines and big backcountry booters, watch to see why Victor is a name for the future.

Elias Elhardt Go Pro Show #01 India

Elias Elhardt really seems to be his element right now since he made the wise choice to give up the contest scene. Go Pro have given Elias his own show that sees the friendly German travel to some of the most remote locations. Here Elias travels to India for this insane pov descent at 4000M