Tag: DC Snowboarding

Real Talk: Lauri Heiskari Interview

Lauri Heiskari chats: Finishing his pro career, life in Southern Cali, his Video Gangs Part, Forum, working with Makia, motorbike clubs and much more in this exclusive interview.

Mons Roisland My Dream

Doesn’t being paid to snowboard sound like the best thing ever? In this beautifully captured documentary, Process Films decided to find out just how good it is to ride professionally and followed Norwegian powerhouse Mons Roisland to find out more.

Rusty Toothbrush: Mess Up Meribel

The Rusty Toothbrush crew really know how to set up a fun park. Look as they build the ultimate backyard set up at the DC Chalet in Meribel, France.

Odd Folks: Perisher Parks with Josh Vagne

The Southern Hempishere is glorious at the moment and throwing down the park gauntlet is Perisher. Here, 15 year old Josh Vagne takes us through some crisp park laps in the land down under.

DC Shreddfest 2015

This past weekend local hero Rachida Aoulad teamed up with DC to host the 2015 DC Shreddfest. With some of Holland’s finest rail kids in attendance we got to see some sick indoor action on their home soil.

Rusty Toothbrush: Mess Up Meribel

The Rusty Toothbrush crew headed to DC’s Area 43 to sample the prestigious park of Mottaret and get creative in the back garden. How many people wish they lived in this chalet?