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Fat And Furious: Here to Slay

Brothers Abbe and Theo Hjellström and otherwise known as Fat And The furious and yet again they released one of the most creative videos of all time “Here to Slay” This video is 11 minutes of the Swedish brothers doing tricks you never even thought were possible on a board. This is a must watch.

Fat and Furious: Full Party

One foots, kickflips, heavy rail tricks and plenty more. Swedish brothers Abbe & Theo Hjellström will boggle your mind in this incredible edit.

Fat And Furious: Sweden Meltdown

Abbe Hjellström, Halldor Helgason, Philip Landmark, Markus Östman and Theodor Hjellström, pay homage to the early 2000 videos with their last edit of the season. Expect various tweaks, one foots and good times.