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Nico Bondi: Sideways Always

Nico Bondi is 9 years old and can skate, snowboard and surf better than most of us already. Check out the video to see Nico throw down.

13 year old Luca Mérimée

If you are a young rider hoping to make it pro one day, then you will have to look at 13 year old Luca Mérimée to see what he is throwing down. This kid has a bright future.

Season Edit: Chris Corning

Another season edit but this one features 15 year old, super grom Chris Corning. This kid is definitely one for the future.

Full Part: 9 year Old, Dylan Heinstein

Dylan Heinstein is a mere 9 years old and already turning heads over in the US. He’s got a relaxed style and hasn’t reached an age where he has discovered fear yet so the future looks good. Watch and weep as a nursery school student schools you on riding.

Full Part: Red Gerard

Red Gerard is widely regarded as the next über pro. At just 13 years old he rides at a level far beyond his years, which makes both adults and kids his age weep with jealousy. Soccer mums take note, your kid will compete against Red in the future.