Tag: Jess Kimura

Full Movie: The Uninvited

Jess Kimura brings us this strong, full video entitled The Uninvited. The Uninvited is a raw, street- heavy, all girls snowboard movie. The riding is insane, featuring some stars of the future and present.

Too Hard: Whistler

The infamous Too Hard crew headed to Whistler and came back with this hard hitting, all female edit.

Capita: Defenders Of Awesome 2, Stay Bad Ass, Jess Kimura

The onslaught of banger edits continue from Capita. This time it’s Jess Kimura who is easily one of the best girls out there. Don’t forget the European premier of Stay Bad Ass 2 is in innsbruck this Saturday. See you there.

Teaser: CAPiTA: Defenders of Awesome 2, Stay Bad Ass

Capita are one of the most legit companies in the sport and their last release “Defenders of Awesome” was an all time classic. Now the sequel is about to drop and judging by this teaser it looks immense, we cannot wait for this movie. Featuring; Scott Stevens, Kazu Kokubo, Jess Kimura, Dan Brisse, Phil Jacques, Cale Zima, Brandon Cocard and Dustin Craven, Mike Rav, Johnny O’Connor, Dylan Gamache and Brendan Gerard.