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Korua Shapes headed to bottomless Hokkaido for two weeks with riders Nicholas Wolken, Atsufumi Mizuno, Spencer O’Brien and Lars Popp. They came back with this edit that will have you itching to shred this winter.

Korua Shapes: Yearning For Turning EP03, Japan

Korua Shapes are back with the third episode of their outstanding Yearning for Turning series. This time the crew head to Japan, the adopted home of the Euro Carve. We could watch these episodes on repeat.

Full Movie: KORUA Shapes, Yearning for Turning Vol. 2, Carving Europe

Korua Shapes’s unique approach to snowboarding is capsulated in the second full release video “Yearning for Turning Vol. 2, Carving Europe” If you are a fan of eurocarving, tranny finding and of course blitzing through powder, then you will love this movie.

Brand Profile: Korua Shapes

Korua Shapes are just about to start on their second year and have already built up a reputation for producing some of the most unique and creative boards out there. Here we speak to cofounder Nicholas Wolken to find out what inspired them to launch Korua Shapes and what we can expect from the future.