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2019 Sneak Peek From Shops First Try

The Shops First Try event is a wrap. Here we bring you a selection of next seasons good that caught our attention. We don’t receive any backing from these brands, so rest assured this isn’t a sponsored post.

Windells 2015 Session #01

The first week of The Windells Camp from Mt Hood just went down. Featuring team Lib Tech and many more.

Full Park: Phil Hansen, Pair-A-Dice

Phil Hansen put together our favourite types of section, backcountry, street rails and all-round street creativity. In his full part from Pair-A-Dice he gets crazy on some of the most unique spots of the season.

Mervin Manufacturing At The Holy Bowly 2014

The Holy Boly looked like one of the most fun contests ever. Mervin Manufacturing brought over their Gnu and Lib tech team to get creative on the set up. Even Jamie Lynn showed that he hasn’t lost any of his style.
Mervin set this to private but you should watch it anyway.