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Forest Bailey: Quiet

Forest Bailey and friends went on a few snowboarding adventures before everything stopped. Featuring: Forest Bailey, Temple Cummins, Alex Lopez, Mark Landvik, Niels Schack, Gus Engle, Baltimore Loth, Antoine Provencher, Cooper Whittier, Max Warbington, Patrick McCarthy, Darrell Mathes.

Teaser: Vans Presents Landline

This year will see the first Vans’ first full-length snowboard movie entitled Landline. Shot on Kodak 16mm, the film captures the talents of the Vans snowboard team as they travel all over the world.

Lib Tech/ Gnu: Here’s Ya F’n Weekend Guy

Lib Tech and Gnu teamed up with Big Jerm from Lick the Cat productions to produce their second “Here’s Ya F’n Weekend Guy” edit. Looks like a fun trip and it’s good to see backcountry supremo, Mark Landvik return to the park for some slashing.