Tag: Mikko Rehnberg

Full Movie: 292Crew, AK-94

The 292Crew are a collection of street riders from the depths of Finland. Whilst the riding in their videos is on point, the gang seperate themselves from the norm with their interesting and sometimes unusal edits. Ak-94 is both enjoyable but weird at the same time and is well worth a watch.

Mikko Rehnberg Spring and B-Shots

Mikko Rehnberg is a young Finn on the rise. In this edit featuring some spring riding action and his B-shots, Mikko shows off some of his talents with his signature Finnish style. We are looking forward to his full season edit.

Full Movie: 292 Crew, U.F.C

The 292 Crew are a group of young Finns, who have a love of street and park, they also love their vintage video clips. U.F.C is both full of weird black and white movie footage and sublime riding. Could these riders be the future?