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One Spot With Ethan Morgan

Ethan Morgan brought us our favourite edit of the season with his Sponsor Me Tape. Whilst he was filming for that video, Ethan, alongside Simon Pircher and Flo Corzelius came across Hotel La Curva and decided to ride every single part of it. Yet again Ethan wins the internet.

Full Part: Tim Humphreys 2014

New Jersey native Tim Humphreys has made a name for himself as the master of selfies with his Go Pro edits. He can ride anything, with or without a camera in his hand. Here is tears shit up whilst looking like a giant burger.

Codey Ellison 13-14 Season Edit

Codey Ellison had a good season riding the parks of US last winter. With both technical rail and kicker tricks in his bag, Codey looks like he has a bright future ahead of him.