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Spring in Mayrhofen Edit

Mayrhofen’s park is looking on point this year thanks to head shaper Ross Needham. Watch here as Werni Stock, Rowan Coultas, Mario Wagner and more ride the pristine park conditions.

Season Edit: Ross Needham

Ross Needham is one of the main park shapers at the Vans Penken Park and when he isn’t out with his shovel, he’s out sliding his own creations.

Trammer, Kasper, Oka, Mayrhofen Park Laps

Japanese riders Kai Kasper and Keijiro Oka are travelling through Europe and taking in the parks of wherever they head. Last week the duo caught up with Begium’s Kevin Trammer. Watch as this new friendship developed in Mayrhofen’s Penken Park.

Angus Leith And Sparrow Knox in Mayrhofen

UK riders Angus Leith and Sparrow Knox are not only fun to ride with but also fun to watch. They just put out this bonus edit using left over footage from their December trip to Mayrhofen, Austria.