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Full Part: Wojtek Pawlusiak, Perceptions

Wojtek Pawlusiak is a machine. Consistently hitting some of the sketchiest street spots in the most obscure locations. This year, Wojtek filmed with The Pirates for their Perceptions release and turned up the heat to 11.

Pirates Perceptions European Premiere

This Friday, Innsbruck will host the European premiere of Pirate Movie Productions latest release “Perceptions” Find out more.

Teaser: Pirate Movie Productions, Perceptions.

One of Europe’s premium production crews The Pirates, are back in 2014 with “Perceptions”. “Distorted Reality” was easily one of the best movies of last year and by the looks of it this will be even better. Featuring an all star crew in the shape of; Gigi Rüf, Marco Feichtner, Kalle Ohlson, Sami Luhtanen, Manuel Diaz, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Fredrik Evensen, Maxim Balakhovskiy and Elias Elhardt.