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Teaser: Drop Outs

Drop Outs is a showcase of the up and coming riding talents from the UK and consequently filmed in the mountains, domes and the high altitude peaks of British dryslope.

A Dome Away From Home

Ross Needham and Ollie Dutton are two of the team riders heading up Burton Snowboards UK team. Known for their tech street shenanigans, when these two get together you know good things are going to happen. Here the duo headed to Landgraaf to show the Dutch locals how they roll in the UK

Season Edit: Ross Needham

Ross Needham is one of the main park shapers at the Vans Penken Park and when he isn’t out with his shovel, he’s out sliding his own creations.

Milk Teeth: Ross Needham

UK’s Ross Needham, a Tamworth fridge local who is getting noticed with his slick urban riding talents. For this interview Ross went out and fimed some new footage from his beloved Tamworth.