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Teaser: Route One, Parked Up In Europe

Last Winter, the Route One team; Cody Heirons, Rowan Biddiscombe, Si Belson and Will Radula-Scott, decided to rent out an RV and road trip from London and check out what the Alps had to offer. After 9 days they gathered enough footage for two edits, the first one will drop on Oct 20th. Here’s a preview of what to expect.

Teaser: Laax, Tales From The Crap

Laax is without question the greatest snowboard resort in Europe. This year, Laax are joining forces with Blume Pictures to release a full length movie showcasing their awesome resort. Featuring: Alex Tank, Dave Djité, Dave Hablützel, Dina Treland, Gian Simmen , Kas Lemmens, Kevin Backstrom, Max Buri, Pat Burgener Patrick ,Tor Lundstrom And More


The final episode of the Crap Show from the outstanding resort of Laax.