Tag: Tamworth

TSA Gangcasts: Episode One

TSA Gangcast is a new online show that highlights the UK’s rising talents. Up first is one of the most exciting prospects the UK has ever produced; Will Gilmore, whilst Harry Winnard offers some trick tips.

Real Life: Ollie’s Story

In this inspiring real life story, we speak to Ollie Britton, whos life changing, work accident provided the catalyst for him to start snowboarding. Now Ollie donates his spare time to teach others how to ride. Here Ollie tells us his heart warming story in his own words.

Capita Snowboards: Stay Bad Ass 2 UK Tour #1

Have you ever seen the Capita Snowboards team ride in a UK dome or on dryslope? We hadn’t either before this and it looks like it didn’t take long for them to adjust. Watch here as Scott Stevens, Phil Jacques, Brandon Cocard and Dustin Craven, shred with the locals, on part 1 of their Stay Bad Ass 2 Uk tour.

Milk Teeth: Ross Needham

UK’s Ross Needham, a Tamworth fridge local who is getting noticed with his slick urban riding talents. For this interview Ross went out and fimed some new footage from his beloved Tamworth.