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32 Spot Check: Brighton, March 2016

Not that Brighton, the other one with mountains and snow. Team 32 including; Brandon Hobush, Chris Grenier, JP Walker, Joey Fava, Christian Hobush, Dylan Thompson, Pat Fava, Chris Beresford and Scott Stevens deliver the goods.

2032 Leftovers Part 2 of 4

Scott Stevens and Chris Grenier lay down some commentary over some left over footage from 2032 providing an interesting behind the scenes look. Just wait for Toni Kerkela’s huge one footer.

Teaser: Thirty Two 2032

With arguably one of the best teams in Snowboarding, you know a full length movie from Thirty Two is going to be something special. We are hyped to see Euro bossmen Kas Lemmens, Toni Kerkelä and Benny Urban feature alongside a premier crew and we cannot wait to watch this.

Milk Teeth: Anthony Indawood

Anthony impressed us last year with his ability to send it both on and off the hill. Yet another prodige of the indoor slopes of Zoetermeer, Anthony now travels Europe and has been getting attention with his slick rail skills.

Anthony Indawood Indoor Edit

Anthony Indawood is an up and comer from The Netherlands and like most Dutchies he destroys rails. The season might be over in the Alps but in the domes it’s just beginning.

Kevin Trammer Mayrhofen Edit

We have spoken about Kevin Trammer frequently this season but this young Belgium is increasingly ecoming one of our favourite riders to watch. Here Kevin tears up his home for the season, Mayrhofen, Austria. Watch and learn what’s got people talking.

A Minute in Winterberg With Dion Janse

Dion Janse was the star of our day as we hit up street spots in The Hague after the Rock A Rail. Dion has got himself out of the Flatlands and into the parks of Winterberg for this slick minute of riding.

Full Part: Postland, Toni Kerkela, Connect The Dots

This is the final instalment of Postland’s Connect the Dots and what a way to end, on Toni Kerkela’s ender part. What Toni lacks in orange clothing and wooden footwear, he more than makes up in effortless style.