Tag: Will Mayo

Tyler Davis Hip Jam 2015

The second annual Tyler Davis Hip Jam went down this past weekend at Gunstock Mountain Resort. With a focus on enjoyment, partcipation and a throwback to more carefree times. We hope more contests like this are replicated globally.

Teaser 2, Really Gotta Wanna

Seth Hill aka The people’s Champion is a jack of all trades and this season Seth has turned his hand to video producing. Really Gotta Wanna offers the viewer a chance a behind the scenes look at the life of professional snowboarding, from building kickers in the backcountry, hitting up urban spots and much more. Featuring heavy hitters such as Scott Stevens, Gigi Ruf, Hayden Tyler, Will Mayo, Bode Merri and off course Seth Hill himself, Really Gotta Wanna is looking legit. Check out the second teaser for this much anticipated release.