Ethan Morgan’s Intergalactic Park Edits Ep01: Di Dark Side Of Di D-Stone

“Edited and mostly filmed by Dört Mon aka Dördy Sanchez, it was.
The D-Stone spacefighters (and sometimes also filmers, they are), Commander AJ Morgan Freemanson, Fresh Flocka, Sultan, Pete Diddy, Team Germany, Slashboiii, Anna Gasser (On Skis?!), Lisa Zimmermann (On a Snowboard?!), Heimo, Miak S aka The Don of E-Woks, Snowgirl, Rastamon, Stevie G, Dört Mon aka Dördy Sanchez, Riff Raff Global and of course, the evil imperator, “Special K”, together, bring back peace to the galaxy, they will.”