Full Movie: Chardonnay

Notion presents their second cinematic endeavour called ‘Chardonnay’.

The Notion crew consists of wine-experts who were brought together through snowboarding. They are true friends, through thick and thin, through the warmth and cold. They shovel spots all day to then fall down the stairs a couple of times and do it again the next day. And you know what? They find it absolutely delightful.
Last year they set out to film a second video which turned out to be a hectic season. A 3000km drive up north, two hospital visits, one trauma helicopter, a broken camera, a bunch of laughter and an infinite amount of wine made all of this come together.

Riders: Kasper de Zoete, Jordi Spa, Egor Chebanov, Wouter Groot
Film: Nando Dullaart
Artwork and animations: Thomas de Gilder, Maxime de Gilder, Lilo Boerman