Full Movie: Weekend

This is a film that was shot on the weekend.

We’re sure you’re all familiar with the reality of trying to fit snowboarding around your lives, or your lives around snowboarding, and that’s what the film is about. All of these guys work regular jobs and have regular lives. Last winter finally delivered a whole load of snow to Austria, so went out into our backyards, tried to have a good time and get after it as much as we could. We hope you can relate to this in some way, and that it makes you want to go and ride your snowboards.


Michi Schatz
Peter Sandner 
Dominik Brunner 
Steve Grumser
Thomas Hörhager
Fabi Fraidl
Max Buri
Peter Walchhofer 
Steve Gruber
Wuule Wanner 
Wolle Nyvelt

Film & Edit

Theo Acworth

Additional Film

Mone Monsberger
Theo Muse
Till Bex
Flo Eckhardt


Hedges – Peter Bark 
Everything – Peter Bark
Crown – Peter Bark


Beneath Me – Klimeks


Summer Comes – Vanilla


Shining Path – Drones Club


The Music – Bunko Stew